Wolftank Hydrogen GmbH

The companies technologies enable an energy-efficient connection between green hydrogen production facilities and the end-consumers of small and large networks.
The primary focus lies on green hydrogen, one of the most promising energy carriers to achieve the European “Green Deal” goals and to support the global decarbonization.

Turnkey components and assemblies for the construction and planning of hydrogen service stations

• Prefabricated solutions for hydrogen service stations for both, heavy (350bar) and passenger (700bar) vehicles
• Integrated solutions as upgrade of existing service stations

Mobile storage containers for decentralized hydrogen distribution

• Container-based mobile hydrogen storage systems to supply service stations
• Demand-based scalability and applicable throughout Austria, Europe and globally

The company recently launched its universal hydrogen refueling system named WH2 All-In-One Station. It is suitable for all common vehicle types (cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery …) and available in two different sizes. The 20′ container with external electrical power connection and the 30′ with integrated electricity production.

Download the WH2 All-In-One product flyer for more information: Download Flyer
WH2 Installation Wolftank hydrogen

Upgrades for existing natural gas pipelines for the transportation of hydrogen

• Coating technologies to reduce friction and hydrogen corrosion
• Implementation of blending and extraction systems

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