Full-service environmental protection and EPC contracting

Wolftank DGM S.r.l.

From extraction, refining, storage and distribution to fuel sales outlets, for each of these sectors, the solutions are targeted to specific needs and meet the most advanced criteria of environmental and asset protection.
We use the experience to develop new solutions adapted, from time to time, to the specific needs of our customers. In this context quality is the fundamental criterion: our work processes are certified according to ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007, SCC.

In-Situ Environmental Rehabilitation

Engineering and project management with specialised technicians and avant-garde technologies. From in-situ soil characterization to full-service soil and groundwater rehabilitation. Mobile laboratories with flexible, accredited and calibrated units provide real-time in-situ analysis with quick results. Define the correct treatment solutions and fully restore, afterwards preserve, the original and healthy state of the surrounding soil and groundwater.

LNG / LPG Tank System Construction and Engineering

Upgrade gas stations and storage facilities to LNG / LPG service stations. Improve business activity by strategic location research and tendering of sub-projects. With the complete management of environmental issues and turnkey EPC contracting you’ll get a full-service with diversified support and consolidated know-how.

Distribution and Component Import

Improve systems with engaging solutions, technologies or equipment from across the globe. Up-to-date technologies including the latest innovations and improvements. Optimize business operation and reduce unnecessary costs while staying compliant to international and national regulations.

Double-Wall Installation Service for UST and AST

Industrial upgrades for underground and aboveground storage tanks with the DOPA® technology. Equip storage facilities with class-1 leak detection systems and get a 24/7 monitored storage facility. Specialized and experienced technicians install the epoxy resins and make sure facilities and the surrounding environment are safe. Protecting the surrounding soil, groundwater or general environment from pollution by leaking liquids and keeping it free from any contamination.

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