Wolftank Adisa (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

High-performance coating training centre with a focus on the environmental and asset protection of fuel, chemical and wastewater storage. Furthermore, focused on innovations of the tank cleaning industry in high-risk areas.

High-Tech Industrial Coatings

Leak prevention through a high-performing single lining or DOPA® double-wall technology is the first line of defence preventing leaking liquids. Install internal high-performance coating technologies to preserve the healthy state of the surrounding environment and avoid any financial loss. Combining the specialized training and knowledge Wolftank Adisa (Shanghai) Environmental Technology has, the upgrade of storage facilities is in the best hands.

Automated Tank Cleaning

Traditional UST or AST cleaning is connected with high risks for the workforce. Wolftank Adisa (Shanghai) Environmental Technology is focused on implementing strategies to clean tanks by remote control. Avoid Man-Entry in dangerous areas and control the cleaning process from a safer area. The company already introduced a wide range of technologies. E.g., the TCR® 6/7, which operates directly through the 4-inch filling hole, allowing to clean the surface of the underground storage tank without opening the manhole.

Wolftank Asia Training Center

Environmental protection training for technicians in the protective coating sector improves linings and prevents leaking storage facilities, especially with Wolftank Adisa resins and DOPA®. Focused on the Asian countries with detailed insights about the double-wall application and leak repair but foremost in the leak prevention. Training to convert a leaking storage facility to a seamless and long-lasting vacuum monitored double-wall tank. Work safely in dangerous and confined spaces and reduce the risk for human resources while achieving perfect results.


A1601, Baishu Mansion, Building 1, N°1230, Zhongshanbeiyi road, Hongkou district, 200437 Shanghai

Wolftank Adisa Shanghai has a huge variety of coatings. Mainly for storage tanks which require double-wall technology to best prevent leaking containment and protect the environment.
No-Man-Entry technologies focus on reducing the risk of workforces by avoiding human entrance into confined spaces or dangerous areas. In case of a tank cleaning, they focus on remote controlling robots which perform the cleaning of the internal surfaces.
After training of around 2 weeks a new team is able to be operative in presence of a supervisor which follows them during the first installations.
Training is based on well-defined installation manuals and include: The theoretical formation, practical experience and the final supervision phase.

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