high-performance epoxy resins

Wolftank Adisa GmbH

A globally acting player in the field of petrochemical and chemical asset maintenance and asset integrity in the preservation of the soil, groundwater and drinkable water.
Providing cutting edge solutions for long lasting corrosion protection and structural tank lining including 24/7 double floor vacuum monitoring. Furthermore the company has a focus in No-Man Entry techologies for tank cleaning, spill response and site pollution monitoring.

Storage Coating Products & Technologies

Spill prevention and environmental protection are essential topics addressed by environmental ministries and oil companies. The storage lining systems are for single or double skin relining and for localized repairs (internally and externally), for underground and above ground storage tanks. Safe storage of biofuels such as Methanol, Ethanol or regular and aviation fuels avoiding environmental pollution. Preserve the state of clean water while transport or storage. Make sure storage liquids are well contained and avoid leaking storage facilities.

Cleaning and Surface Preparation Products & Technologies

A perfect coating and lining system pass through an accurate preparation of the surface, regardless of the material of the tank. Wolftank Adisa is a pioneer in new technologies to best prepare surfaces and effective spill response. The spill prevention technologies the company offers are suitable for oil, chemical or general emergency spill response. They take preventive measurements and protect the surrounding environment from leaking liquids, as well as reduce environmental pollution by a quick spill response in case of a leaking accident.

Industrial Coating Products & Technologies

Wolftank Adisda is a trusted advisor for customers all over the world to protect their assets, investments and environment. Across the years, the company developed and perfectioned various end to end systems and solutions. Abrasion and mechanical resistance as well as environmental sustainable coating technologies for a vast majority of industries, such as Storage Terminals, Gas Stations, Water Management, Chemical Refineries and more. Outside and inside corrosion protection for long-lasting environmental protection and safe investments.
A vacuum interstitial space is created and 24/7 monitored by a vacuum leak detection system. It consists of primary and secondary containment.
In our product range, we have products able to resist high aggressive chemicals, even to solvents such as Ethanol, Methanol or Aceton.
Many of our products are approved for the usage with aggressive biofuels, such as Ethanols.
We promote more and more solvent-free and non-flammable products to minimize the environmental and HSE impact for all operations.
Depending on the characteristics different application methods (spraying, rolling, dragging, spatting) can be considered. Details can be found in the product datasheets of specific products.
A lining system is a combination of coating products with different properties. Focused on providing structural (crack bridging, tensile strength) or functional properties (antistatics).

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