Waste management with in-house analysis laboratory

Rovereta S.r.l.

Rovereta Srl offers an excellent waste management service, including a complete recovery treatment and disposal.
In addition to these main services, the company also includes chemical analysis laboratory, facilities for waste storage, intermediation and commercialization services, and environmental technical consultancy.

Soil treatment

The soil treatment can be done by two technological processes: soil washing and bioremediation. The soil washing is an ex-situ technique based on the separation of the contaminant from the soil matrix through a washing process in aqueous solution. With this method, it can also be obtained the separation in fraction, like gravel and sand. On the other side, the bioremediation plant operates on land predominantly contaminated by hydrocarbons and works in extraction mode with autochthonous bacteria. The soil washing plant of Rovereta Srl is authorized to treat 112,000 tons per year, and the bioremediation’s plant, 43,680 tons per year.

Water treatment

The company develops a water treatment process which consists of a chemical-physical contaminated water purification, with final oxidation and then the following sequential filtration on quartzite and activated carbon.

Oil treatment

Oily waters and oily emulsions are destinated for treatment for the recovery of the oil fraction contained in them. For this separation, it is required a centrifugation process. This can be horizontal (the two materials obtained are residual sediments and an emulsion consisting of water and oil), or vertical (obtaining from this, water, and oil).

Oily and non-oily sludge treatment

The oily and non – oily sludge requires a sludge heat treatment with thermal desorption to volatilize contaminants. This process achieves the abatement of organic matter present in the refusal, the waste volume reduction, more at “recovery”, reduction of the quantity to “dispose of in the landfill”, and conditions of greater acceptability in the landfill.

Inertization – Chemical stabilization of solid waste

Rovereta Srl has a waste inertization plant, which mixes the sludge to be treated with appropriate chemicals by incorporating the pollutants and neutralizing their release once they are deposited in the landfills, executing the process of chemical stabilization.

Chemical analysis laboratory

The company has a laboratory managed by specialized personnel and equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for a daily analytical control of the processes in progress in the treatment plants, monitoring every treatment done in Rovereta, as well as to comply with AIA regulations. In this regard, soils, sludge, liquid waste, oils, and all loads entering and leaving the plant are checked. The laboratory also collaborates with the technician plant to adjust and improve all the processes.


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Rovereta Srl deals with the complete waste cycle. Customers do not need to worry about any specific part of the process, as the company manage all of them.
Of course, Rovereta Srl complies with all authorizations, and has the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.
Rovereta Srl is authorized at collection, provisional storage, treatment, and disposal of special, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste all over Italy.
The soil washing process is suitable to treat both hydrocarbon contaminated soil and metal-contaminated soil. This system is fast, it does not require large spaces to accomplish and it is easily controllable.  From the soil washing treatment it is possible to recover selected row materials as gravel and sand, that are suittable to use as construction materials.
No, it can be applied for both oil and non-oil mixtures.

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