Double pipe and double-wall technologies

DRK 32 GmbH

DRK 32 GmbH is the holder of the original approval of the double-walled pipe system type DRK32. With this system, they became well known and since then approx 70% of the German Gas Station industry installed the DRK32 technology.
The name DRK 32 – stands for “double-walled pipe construction”. It is a well known German brand building and supplying their in-house double pipe technology. Furthermore, offering effective double-wall upgrades for Gas Stations or UST’s.

Double Pipe Technology DRK32

The DRK32 piping system is suitable for petrol stations and plant construction, as well as for the chemical industry. Furthermore, the piping system according to design and approval DRK32 is approved for underground and above-ground installation. Safe transport liquids from A to Z without worries and combine the system with a leak detector. The double-walled pipe consists of an inner and an outer pipe, while the space in between serves as a surveillance space, i.e. it is part of a leak detection system which is usually monitored with inert gas in overpressure mode or with a vacuum leak detector.

Double Wall Leak Prevention Solution

Convert single wall into double-wall tanks or restore a damaged, corroded storage tank wall containing liquids such as fuels (petrol, diesel) or chemicals. Prevent environmental and financial damage by leaking storage tanks with the DOPA® Lite system. Get a continuous monitoring system with vacuum monitoring (Class 1) in accordance with the European reference standard for leak detection systems DIN EN 13160-2. The system is approved by the German building authorities (DIBt approval and DIN EN 13160-7:2016) for lining both underground tanks and flat-bottom tanks.


Dietenheimer Str. 13, 89257 Illertissen, Germany

Approval for earthquake areas, fixed bearings (nodal points), the standard length without fixed points is 50m, the installation depth is 0.5 m.
The DRK32 double pipe system can be purchased as a construction kit but also as a prefabricated solution.
Construction kit: In order to use the construction kit, the DRK32 Licence must be requested directly through the DRK32 website to make sure, quality requirements to build the DRK32 pipes are met. Prefabricated: The prefabricated DRK32 pipes are built and shipped directly by DRK32 GmbH. The inner pipe already has the necessary spacers, the outer protective pipe the necessary PE protective sheathing.
In order to ensure quality and compliance, only specialized companies with verifiable knowledge in the field of welding technology are authorised. In addition, each specialist company must acquire a licence for the manufacture of the pipeline.
The coating has been specially developed to protect storage tanks from further internal corrosion. Leak protection systems have proven themselves for over 40 years - they are extremely durable and safe.

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