Digital monitoring and environmental protection for industrial facilities

Alternativas Ecológicas Ingeniería Energética S.L.

Altereco has a wide experience in the sector of fuel retailers and industrial facilities, where it offers the latest technological advances to make easier their daily life and to maintain their safety.
The company also provides environmental protection services to these markets, specially focusing on water and soil.

Gas stations digital monitoring

Altereco has developed the platform EcoManager, a modular tool composed of five services that offers a total digital solution for gas stations. It aims to digitally cover all the needs that may arise to them, from price advice to legal compliance. The platform also contains a wetstock management, which identifies in real time any mismatches in the fuel stock of the gas station (statistical inventory reconciliation). A team of expert analysts monitor stations 24/7.

Environmental protection

The environmental business line offers different services focused on protection and remediation. Some of these are: analysis of environmental risks according to the UNE 150008 standard with the monetization of potential damage to the environment; contaminated soils and groundwater characterization; recovery of damaged environments; environmental audits in buying and selling; environmental liabilities; or analysis of environmental risks to ecosystems and human health.

Engineering services

The company has an in-house engineering studio which develops new implementations, offering comprehensive execution, adaptations to the regulations, and including administrative procedures conducting.


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Currently, EcoManager offers 5 services: statistical inventory reconciliation, wireless leak detector, domotic services, legal compliance and price advising. It is an open tool, with potential new services in the process.
The platform offers a complete digital solution to gas stations. Clients can have real-time information about their business, whit the support of an expert analysts' team 24/7 monitoring and available. And everything completely online!
No. The platform can be hired complete or by modules, depending on customer interests.
No, despite the main customers belong to this area, the environmental experts tackle any project related to contamination.

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